Domain Knowledge

RSBA Technology are specialists in providing business analysis and project management capability to front-office capital markets e-commerce development projects.

Our principal’s recent domain experience includes:

  • High Volume, Low Latency Distributed FX Trading Systems
  • FX Order Management Systems
  • FX Multi-liquidity Trading Platforms
  • Connectivity to Leading FX Trading Venues and ECNs

We can draw on many years of previous experience in other related areas including flow interest rate products, middle and back office operations.

We have spent years working on complex application development programmes; operating both at detailed technical development and at high-level management reviews.

RSBA thrives on understanding and navigating complex multi-level business domain and technology problems that typically exist in mission-critical e-commerce trading applications.

We can provide an effective bridge between your business and IT teams.

Clear, concise, unambiguous communication is always our aim.

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