Ubiquitous Language


I need everyone on the project to apply consistent meaning to application terminology, in documentation, user interfaces and source code.

I want to prevent misunderstandings based on multiple interpretations of the same word or phrase in a specification which may lead to defects arising in the application.

I want to help new project members understand the requirements domain and scope of the application.


Define and manage a Ubiquitous Language1 (UL). Use it continuously at all opportunities (emails, meetings) to spread adoption amongst project members.

Create a Project Glossary

Define & identify UL in specifications using a ”:defined as:” tag

Only define a UL phrase once. Other requirements can reference the location of the definition (by specification section number, or better, by the requirement label that contains the definition).

Explicitly highlight words and phrases in the project's UL in written specifications by bolding and underlining.

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