Format Requirement Statements On A Page


I need to lay out written individual requirement statements on a page with their respective requirements label.


In your word processor of choice, create a 2 column table, with invisible cell borders. The first column is used for requirement statement labels, the second column for the main requirements text. Use one table row for each labeled requirement statement. You can set up a different text format for the requirement labels, for example to have a greytone colour instead of black, and a smaller font. This ensures the labels are less obtrusive when you are reading the document, but can still be clearly read.




Using hidden tables is a simple way of neatly formatting requirements labels alongside their respective requirement statement. New requirement statements are added by inserting another row in the table; this alone can help with the mental discipline of making requirement statements atomic and separate from each other. Re-ordering requirement statements is done by copying and pasting table rows, ensuring the label stays with the statement.

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